About the OmniBlend

About the OmniBlend

The OmniBlend has an energy-efficient self-adjusting self-compensating 3 horsepower motor, which means the Omniblend consumes electricity more efficiently than most other high performance blenders. Accordingly, the Omniblend motor can last longer, it cools more efficiently, and the overall action is more powerful. It uses its 3 HP torque, and again, it lasts longer.

The OmniBlend is also much quieter than its competitors’ 3HP blenders.  Most of the 3 HP competitor blenders are between 99 to 100 dB (the motor only). The noise produced by the OmniBlend is about 85 dB – which is still noisy, but at about 20% lower dB rating, it is noticeably quieter than many others. However, if you do want a quieter kitchen the stylish OmniShield is just right for you (and is recommended in commercial settings).


Features of the OmniBlend

  • 3 Horsepower self-compensating and energy-optimised motor (max output 2238W)
  • ON/OFF Switch with ON-Indicator light on electronic models.  Simple switch on manual models
  • Overload Reset which prevents overheating or overloading for motor safety. When the motor cools down to operating temperature, simply press the Overload Reset switch on the right backside of the blender and start blending again. The OMNI 3 HP motor is equipped with a cooling-energy-optimised program to prevent overheating.
  • Pulse feature (press soft-touch key button to activate on electronic models, simple switch on manual models). The motor will operate on high as long as the Pulse button is held. The pulse feature will help blend ice cubes into snow.
  • 3 Speeds (Low, Medium, High). Medium starts on LOW and moves automatically up to Medium within about 2 or 3 seconds after depressing the soft touch key button. High starts also on LOW and moves to MEDIUM, and then to HIGH in about 3 to 4 seconds time. This automatic speed increase is designed to give you more power blending up ingredients.
  • 3 Timer settings (35, 60, and 90 seconds). All 3 timer settings start at LOW, then go to MEDIUM, and then to HIGH in about 3 to 4 seconds after start-up. The 60 second timer setting is programmed with one auto-stop at about half time. And the 90 second timer setting has 3 evenly divided up auto-stops programmed. The auto-stop feature helps to turn over the ingredients. During the brief 2 second stop the top of the ingredients go back down towards the blade. When the blender during its blending cycle starts up again, it then begins at LOW, goes to MEDIUM, and then to HIGH.  Pressing any button during auto-function stops the cycle.
  • Convenient adjustment of the length of the power cord to your nearest electric outlet. The power cable exits from beneath the motor housing through through a cord clamp that also protects the cord from cuts and wear.  Excess cable is best rolled up on the bottom of the blender motor housing.
  • Rubber cushion insulates the OmniBlender housing from container.  The container sits on the soft rubber cushion.
  • Drive Socket. The drive socket is moulded from plastic. The drive-gear area has a stainless steel sleeve for strength.The drive socket is by design the weakest link – this is deliberate to preserve the motor. If something has to give, it is the cheapest part of the blender. A drive socket is easy to replace.
  • Eastman-Tritan BPA-free (also BPS & BPF-free) co-polyester 1.5 L square or 2.0L round jars supplied with the blender you purchase and are also available as spare parts or “extras”.
  • The lid is made from soft rubber. It is tough enough to sit on the container tight yet it is soft enough to be pulled off the jar easily.
  • Tamper access (hole in the top of the lid) and Tamper tool
  • Multi-Purpose Blade with 6 blades – 2 small ones and a set of 4 long-blade knives. You can blend anything from dry to wet ingredients – a truly multi-purpose blade.


Jars & Containers for the OmniBlend

The OMNI Jar is made from Eastman-Tritan BPA-free co-polyester, certified food-safe.

Bayer Pharmaceutical is the certifying food safety agent. The material is boiled for 2 hours at 220 deg Celsius, and then cooked at about 40 deg C for 10 days. Once the material has been cooked that long, it is then tested. The residual content is below the critical dangerous levels set by the FDA and the European Commission for Food Safety.

About the OmniBlend Blades

The OmniBlend blade is made from a special Stainless Steel Alloy. You can test this with an ordinary magnet: a quality blade should attract the magnet. If it does not then the steel is very cheap and of very poor quality. The blade that JTC uses for the OmniBlend is made in Japan, which has the highest quality requirements in the world and are undoubtedly makers of great knives!

The multi-purpose blade has 6 knives, which makes it incredibly sharp and efficient at cutting up just about anything – do be careful of your hands.

Because the OmniBlend blade is so good, it’s the only one you need: You can process all grains, ice, fruit, greens, vegetable, make soup, drinks, desert, blend nuts, etc… This one blade does it all – you do not have to use a different blade for blending ice or grains, etc… The blade and bearing assembly are integrated and replaceable. See the maintenance section below for how to ensure a long life of your blade/bearing assembly. Do read the full warranty details as well.

Drive Socket

The Drive Socket is the round plastic piece on top of the blender housing, lined with a stainless steel blade. It drives the Blade Gear of the blade assembly when the blender is turned on. This is a plastic piece because it acts also as a torque buffer to prevent the motor from wearing down or breaking due to potential over-torque against the motor.

This could happen if one were to dead-stop the blade with some kind of a serious obstruction like a stick or a huge piece of ice… The drive socket is easy to switch out and it is relatively very inexpensive compared to the motor or the blade assembly.

The most common reason for this to break is due to not waiting for the machine to come to a full stop before lifting the jar off the base unit or trying to put it back on while still running. It could quickly break out the gear in the socket. Be careful, we know what causes the drive socket to break. It is only covered in warranty if it breaks due to a defect.

Safety Tamper – for the OmniBlender Jar

This plastic dowel is specifically designed to fit the OmniBlend V square jar – it will help you prod ingredients and stir them should they get stuck. DO NOT use force and DO NOT insert other utensils – it is dangerous and could lead to serious injury and will void your warranty.

IMPORTANT: only use the tamper with the rubber lid in place on top of the container while operating your blender. Pop out the small cap in the lid and then insert the safety tamper – it will not reach the blades, so you can stir safely.

Blending or otherwise causing damage to your emergency safety tamper stick by improper use is not covered under the warranty.


Usually the jar cleans nicely if you run the blender briefly half-filled with water plus little liquid detergent. For a more thorough clean of the jar, let it soak for a while and then use a kitchen brush with a handle, or a bottle brush.  Never use chlorine (bleach). It will damage the finish on the blades. Do not immerse the jug in water. Do not put in the dishwasher.

Operating Instructions

Please click here for recommended operating instructions.

Limited Warranty Coverage

All purchasers enjoy the benefit of 1 year warranty coverage, with optional purchases of an additional 3 or 5 years available for domestic purchasers.

View full details regarding the warranty


Our OmniBlenders are produced by JTC.   JTC own the OmniBlend® brand, are the originators of the OmniBlend® V and OminiBlend® I models and have sold their blenders internationally since 2002 and the OmniBlend® is now available in over 90 countries.
The machine components are produced 90% in-house from locally made and imported components, all assembled under strict quality control and are continuously being refined.
JTC’s parent company, Taiwan Star Industrial Inc. was founded in 1983 giving the company over 30 years of  experience in electronics. JTC make PCBs that are used for the manufacture of a number of household products (including Honeywell, Italian Delonghi and Sanyo).

The OmniBlend® blenders have attracted numerous favourable independent reviews attesting to their world class performance.
JTC’s OmniBlend® is so popular that a number of fake copies are marketed under a variety of names. In New Zealand, if the machine is not marked with OmniBlend® (the New Zealand trademark shared by JTC and OmniBlend® New Zealand) you can be sure it is not one of OmniBlend® NZ’s JTC machines.
OmniBlend® New Zealand Ltd is proud to exclusively supply OmniBlenders built by JTC.




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