Facial Cleansing – What To Use.

Many people are confused about facial cleansing routines: “Should I use oil-based or water-based products for my skin care routine?” is a question we are commonly asked.

Conventional skin care wisdom warns against applying oils to the skin. This is based on the theory that oils will clog the pores and aggravate or cause acne and blackheads. You won’t be surprised at the fact that most facial cleansing products have been formulated to remove oil from the skin.  Is this a problem? We think so – yes!  The skin’s oil is protective. Stripping this can irritate the skin, causing the affected area to kick in to up-regulate oil-production. Yet, the tables are turning and there is a clear move towards cleansing the skin with oil instead of soap or products with soapy ingredients. We think that’s a good thing.

Facial cleansing using oils is based on the principle that like dissolves like. Blackheads, acne and related blemishes consist of oily plugs in the skin’s pores, so massaging plugged pores with oil is an effective way to soften, dissolve and clear out the pores. Cleansing your face with oil is ideal for acne-prone skin, but in fact, any skin type can see the benefits.

Removing makeup is easy when using oil-based facial cleansing – oil (unlike commercial cleansers) does not strip any moisture from the skin. It is also excellent adjunct for preventing or slowing the inevitable development of fine lines.

For facial cleansing using oil, first choose an oil suited to your skin type. Then using about 5-10 drops of oil, massage it gently into the skin. Allow the oil to sink in for about a minute. Use a hot washcloth to gently wipe the oil away. You may find that you don’t need to use a moisturiser after facial cleansing using an oil.

Facial Cleansing Oils

The oil you use does matter for facial cleansing. Use the guide below to choose the oil suited to your skin type.

The addition of other essential oils to your Facial Cleansing oil will give you the benefit of the oil chosen. Some examples include:

  • Rose oil: Enrich mature skin. Adds a feeling of luxury
  • Geranium: Slightly astringent, good for helping tighten skin pore
  • Lemon: For a fresh feeling
  • Vanilla: Pure indulgence (contact us if you want this added to your blend), and enhances relaxation
  • Lavender Fine: Aids skin healing, reduction of scarring. Enhances relaxation
  • Cedarwood: Slightly astringent. Great for males. 

There are many other oils with skin-specific benefits. Read more about this here, or contact us if you have a particular need or request.




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