Omniblend Jug Options: What’s the Difference?

Which Omniblend Jar is the best option for you?

All of our 3 options: (1.5 litre, 1.5 litre B-jar, and the 2 litre jar) fit on both manual and electronic Omniblend bases. Each jug has a tamper tool which helps to mix ingredients together in the centre of the blender and scrape the sides down. Sometimes a jiggle with the tamper tool helps get things unstuck. All these jugs are made of BPA-free materials so it is safe for you, your food and your customers, family and friends.  Polycarbonate jars are available on order.

But which jar is the best and for what ingredients, foods and recipes? Read on to find the right jar for your home, cafe or restaurant. Note that OmniBlend jars are compatabile with the Vitamix Classic Series blenders

The 2 Litre OmniBlend Jar

The 2 litre Omniblend jar is referred to as the “professional” version. It holds 2 litres (plus has head-space).  The convoluted mouldings in the side of the jar  aid in the circulation of ingredients back down onto the blades.

The narrow base means there are no “blind” corners, and as the blades are covered more quickly, you can blend smaller quantities. This is the best jar for making sorbets, ice cream and “nice-cream”.

Choose this jug if you are often making large quantities, or like to be able to do smaller quantities – such as baby food, sauces etc., – or if you are using frozen ingredients a lot! The tamper tool is purchased separately.

Note that the 2 litre jar does not fit into the OmniShield (noise dampening enclosue). You must ensure that is on properly, which might be difficult if you have small hands or other problems affecting hand strength (such as arthritis). While it is superior in terms of the quality of blend, the convoluted sides that acheive this are not quite as easy to scrape clean.

2 litre Polycarbonate OmniBlend Jar

2 litre BPA-free OmniBlend Jar

1.5 Litre OmniBlend Jar

This 1.5 litre capacity jar is a little shorter than the 2 litre jug and is our most popular choice. If you have limited space in (or under) cupboards this is certainly the better option. The lid is so easy to put on and take off, the straight sides make it a dream to clean and remove your blended creation from.
It has a wider base than the 2 litre jar, which means there are “blind” corners, so chunky things might get stuck – use the Tamper tool through the hold in the lid.  As is normal for using any high-powered blender, the blades must be covered, which requires a little more volume that the narrow base of the 2 litre or 1.5 litre B-Jar.

If you need a jar to use in the OmniShield noise reducing enclosure (especially for cafes and restaurants) then this is the right jar for you!

Made from Eastman Tritan BPA-free co-polyester.

1.5 Litre B-Jar

The 1.5 litre B jar is an excellent addition to the Omniblend jar family.  Combining the ease of the use of the straight-sided 1.5 litre jug with the superior blending quality of the 2 litre jar.
Its narrow base means you can blend smaller quantities with no blind corners.
Available in clear, yellow or green, allowing you to colour-code each jar to your needs, for example one jug for vegan foods or a specific colour for certain allergens to prevent cross contamination in your busy cafe.
As always, the tamper tool is included in the set.  The B-jar also fits in the OmniShield sound reduction unit.
Made from Eastman Tritan BPA-free co-polyester.

So, which Omniblend jug is the right option for you? Head to our shop to choose your Omniblend, and your jug!

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