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Where possible, our oils are certified organic or sustainably wild-harvested. Some oils are not available due to abscence of a reliably sustainable source (such as Rosewood).

99% of Rich Earth organic oils are Soil Association certified organic and/or organic food grade.

If the product is an organic oil that is also food grade certified you will see this at the bottom of the oil’s page: Soil Association Food Grade Organic Certificate 

Otherwise, if Organic, but not food grade: Soil Association Food Grade Organic Certificate 

Why Organic Oils?

By choosing products of organic agriculture you are supporting the environment and your own health.

Certification of Organic Essential Oils
It is important to establish the certification of your organic oils, as this process is a good safeguard against many of the unscrupulous practices that go on in this industry.

World-wide, there are many reputable certification bodies to choose from; one of the best and well-known being ECOCERT International.

In New Zealand, BIOGRO is the main body. In the UK, the Soil Association is one of the better known ones. We only source certified organic oils where possible, and more than 95% of our range is certified organic.

A few oils cannot be certified as they only grow wild or in farmed conditions. In such cases we always source from wild grown or untreated sources, and label them accordingly, meaning no pesticides or chemical fertilisers have been used.

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Finest Quality

“Certified Organic” does not always mean best quality. Organic certification guarantees that the product is free from chemical fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides and other agricultural contaminants.

However, quality depends on many factors, such as growing conditions, time of harvest, selection of plant part, extraction methods, filtration and storage. Being Organic does not define quality.

Additionally, many pure plant oils are extracted from different parts of the plant and not necessarily the most vital part.

Our Lavender fine is steam distilled from the flowers only of Lavandula angustifolia, grown from seed, at high altitute in France– no hybrids or higher oil yielding crops.

The best citrus oils and carrier oils are cold pressed with utmost care from the very finest and freshest seeds – without fruit or incidental plant material. The exception to this is Olive Oil, which when processed with some of the leaves & twigs, yeilds a higher antioxidant oil.

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100% Pure & Natural

We guarantee that our products are 100% pure and natural. If they have been mixed with another substance to make them pourable (for example Benzoin), or to make them financially accessible to you (such as our 10% Rose Oil), we’ll use a certified organic carrier as well.

We want you to know, that from growing and harvesting to the moment they are packaged and sent to you, that the integrity of the oil is protected.

Many of our oils, seed oils and other products are food grade, meaning that they are safe on, as well as in, your body.

And that’s exactly how we believe things should be.


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