Omniblend Warranty

OmniBlend NZ®

5-Year* warranty

A FIVE-YEAR* warranty applies to domestic purchasers of OmniBlend® blenders who have the an optional upgrade to 7 year warranty*. Commercial users enjoy a one-year warranty.

The warranty covers:

  • the OmniBlender motor
  • motor housing
  • operations keypad

The container (jar), tamper tool, blade assembly, and the drive socket are covered for one year against manufacturing faults. These are moving parts, subject to wear-and-tear, which is not covered (see below). Neither are misuse and neglect.

  1. This product is guaranteed for up to five years* from the date of purchase against defects due to faulty workmanship or materials.  The guarantee covers both parts and labour.
  2. Service under guarantee is only provided upon presentation of proof of purchase.
  3. All warranty claims are return-to-base of all the components originally purchased.
  4. The guarantee is not valid if the defect is due to accidental damage (including during transport), misuse or neglect, or in case of alterations or repairs carried out by unauthorized persons.
  5. The guarantee may not apply if the product requires modification or adaptation to enable it to operate in any country other than New Zealand, or if any damage occurs from such modifications.
  6. Service (during and after guarantee) is available in all countries where the product is officially distributed.
  7. These statements do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.
  8. In the even of difficulty, please contact your supplier.
  9. Neither the manufacturer, House of Health or OmniBlend NZ is responsible for productivity-related losses or any losses occurred due to “down-time” and/or as a result of any item being under repair.  This non-liablity extends to any commercial loss, business interruption, shipping expenses, finance costs, and/or any liabilities arising from damage to or from the OmniBlender/s and  componentry. (We highly recommend the acquistion of a second OmniBlender to safeguard your income).

The guarantee applies provided the user operates the OmniBlender according to owner-operator manual, operating instructions

Wear and Tear

Any machine with moving parts is subject to wear and tear.  As such, moving parts may need replacing.  How soon this happens depends on how often the machine is used, and what kinds of things it is being used for.  The blade assembly has the cutting unit with bearings as integrated components.  It is not meant to be disassembled.  When the bearings are worn the machine will be louder under usual operation.  A damaged seal allows liquid to leak out of the bottom of the jar, onto the container cushion.
At this point the blade assembly must be replaced.  This is a DIY maintenance step and takes about 30 seconds.  Instructions are here.
Purchase your new or spare blade assembly here.
Continuing to use your OmniBlender with worn bearings constitutes Misuse and Neglect.  This can cause permanent damage to the motor.  As such this is NOT covered by the warranty.  If you are not sure if the machine is working properly, please CONTACT US.

* 5-year warranty and the upgrade are ONLY available to domestic purchasers.

Commercial buyers enjoy a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on the motor, motor housing and control panel.




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