Janine Sinclair, Reg Naturopath and Medical Herbalist (BNatMed)

Janine Sinclair qualified as a naturopath and medical herbalist in 2021 but her journey started in childhood when doctors were unable to find any cause or solution for long term stomach pain that had her curled up on the floor in pain.  Finally with the help of a naturopath the pain was eliminated through dietary changes, nutritional supplementation, and herbal medicine.

Following a career in news media, Janine was inspired to enrol in the Bachelor of Natural Medicine at South Pacific College of Natural Medicine, when experiencing her own challenges with perimenopause.  She now combines her media career with her passion for natural health.  Janine believes that her experiences in both worlds helps her to better understand and help her clients.

Janine draws on traditional and evidence-based natural medicines, nutrition and lifestyle practices to support you on your journey to health, wellbeing and vitality.  She believes that natural medicine is complementary to conventional health treatments.

Janine has completed an internship at House of Health, under the guidance of Sharon Erdrich, giving her a strong foundation in working with digestive issues including IBS and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).

Janine Sinclair: Areas of focus

Janine’s particular areas of interest include

Initial consultations are 90 minutes. During this time Janine will listen to your health story and concerns in order to determine all of the factors that may be contributing to your health issues. She will develop a personalised treatment plan for you. This may include herbal medicines, supplementation, dietary and nutritional recommendations to support your body’s own innate healing ability.

Diagnostic and/or functional testing may be recommended, if necessary, to offer greater insight into your health picture.

Education and Awards

  • 2022 Bachelor of Natural Medicine (graduated with distinction)
  • Excellence in Research Skills award (South Pacific College of Natural Medicine)

Professional Association Membership

  • Member of Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists of NZ (NMHNZ)