Drive Socket for Series 5 OmniBlend Blenders


Replacement Drive Socket for OmniBlender


Replacement Drive Socket for OmniBlender – 5 Series

Replacement drive socket that fits all series 5 models*.
Designed to be a load-absorbing part, the drive socket needs replacing if there is any play.  To check, remove the jug cushion, grasp the black mushroom head and attempt to wriggle from side-to-side.  The only movement should be round and round!

Replacing the drive socket is part of your regular maintenance – we recommend you check it every 3-6 months for wear by following the instructions here.
Replacement can be undertaken by any competent handy-person (instructions supplied) and takes about 5 minutes.

Tools required: long flat-ended screwdriver, small Phillips screwdriver and a pair of thin-nosed pliers.

*To check your model number, look at the Serial number located on the base of the machine. Series 5 Omniblenders all start with a “5”.  If your OmniBlend is a series 4, you will need a Series 4 Drive socket. CLICK HERE

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 4 cm


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