100% Pure Rosewater, natural skin toner. Free of any additives


This is an ideal all natural Skin Toner.
To make Rose water, steam is passed through the Rosa damascena or R. centifolia petals to dissolve the essential oil.

During the distillation process, components of the rose petals are carried in the steam and remain in the water left after the steam has cooled and condensed. This process happens as part of the distillation to create rose essential oil – the oil separates and collects on the top of the water.

Rose water made this way, (not from concentrate) and has no additives or further processing, is the “holy grail” of rose water and a natural beauty purist’s idea of heaven.

Rosewater hydrates the skin without over-drying it, as some astringent toners can. It calms and soothes redness in the skin.

If you have fine superficial capillaries, Orange Blossom water is recommended. Regardless of whether you have normal, oily, dry or combination skin, you can use your natural toner frequently to help to restore the pH balance of the skin and balance the glow on your face.

100% Pure Rosewater.  Free of any additives (ie no parabens, no chemicals, no preservatives).
This is supplied in a blue glass bottle with fast dripulator top. Use to refill the elegant spritzer bottle. Larger quantities available on request (please enquire).
Delightfully elegant spritzer bottle (great gift idea)

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 17 cm

100mL Refill, 100mL Spritzer


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