Weight Loss

So You Want to Lose Weight. GREAT. But Where Do You Start?

Options for Weight Loss

At House of Health we have several options to help your weight loss goal. At a consultation we will conduct an help you select and follow the weight loss method best suited to you, your goals and your lifestyle.

Choose from the highly successful, quick-results UltraLite Weight Management Program, Nutritional Coaching or find out your Metabolic Type.  We will guide you through your chosen path.

Whichever way you do it…losing excess fat is a very smart thing to do!

How Can Weight Loss Benefit Me?

Trimming off excess body fat is not only empowering, it can: improve your energy, reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, help to lower your blood sugar, reduce your blood pressure, reduce your chance of developing diabetes, protect against some types of cancer, promote healthy aging, improve your sex life and fertility.

Seeing continuous improvement and changes in your own body is incredible!  It shouldn’t have to be hard – after all, your goal is to look good, which means feeling great. We help you stay focused on your weight loss goal and enjoy the journey. Learn more about the hazards of staying overweight here.

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